Ask the Seating and Mobility Expert

For over 25 years, I am been serving the South Florida Community, helping those with seating/mobility challenges, become more independent and to engage in life. It is my purpose, to get up each morning and know that WILL and experience to help others makes a difference.

To meet a client, listen to their story, and help assess their unique needs; and work with a team of medical professionals to help select, submit to funding and provide a solution to their needs; is the most rewarding position I have ever had.

With the world becoming digital and changing, it is important to understand and look for the value of local suppliers, not only for their direct experience, but also their ability to be a valuable resource. Although anyone can sell a product, being able to listen, discuss, recommend, provide and then follow up and support the equipment is priceless.

I would caution you that although you may feel like you are getting a better financial deal, but circumventing the local provider, the cost of making the wrong decision can negatively affect your seating, mobility and function. I have met with several clients who found what they thought was a awesome deal on line, only to find out the equipment does not fit, does not have he options they need, and will cost more than if they had consulted face to face with a local supplier.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, I am always willing to guide you through this complicated process. I can be reached at

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