Eye Gaze -Power Chair Driving

EyeGaze Power Chair Control

For several years now we have not had an eyegaze driving system for powered wheelchair driving. Evergreen Circuits started from a challenge made by Steve Gleason, who has ALS, to be able to drive his powered wheelchair with just his eyes. Everegreen Circuits picked up the concept/challenge and partnered with Team Gleason and Every 90 Minutes to create Independence Drive, which uses a tablet computer and tracking camera and software that turns your eye movement into a virtual joystick.

With their current system, you can use a compatible AAC or a separate tablet computer.

This new driving system enables many people who were not able to use a traditional joystick or current alternative drive controls to independently move a powered wheelchair through life along with powered seating controls.

Any questions or comments can be directed to Carey Britton, ATP/SMS,CRTS at 954-821-7322.

ALS- Technology Guide

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