Support Access to CRT

Attention all Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) equipment users. I am with NRRTS and NCART in Washington this week lobbying for 2 important Bills that affect access to proper access to equipment and services for people with seating and mobility needs.

Please take 5 minutes out of your busy day and click on and look at the right side of the screen that says find your member of congress, enter your information and it will find who is your representation, and will offer you a template to request your member to support our legislation. Taking a further step to call your member and ask them to review and co-sign on the bills to help move them through the system.

PRIORITY 1: Cosponsor and Pass H.R. 2293 and S. 1223 to Stop Inappropriate Application of DME

Competitive Bid Program Rates to Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchair Accessories. Representatives John Larson (D‐CT) and Lee Zeldin (R‐NY) have re‐introduced H.R. 2293 to stop CMS’ inappropriate application of Medicare Competitive Bid Program pricing to accessories (a/k/a critical
components) used with CRT manual wheelchairs. Senators Bob Casey (D‐PA) and Rob Portman (R‐OH) have also re‐introduced S. 1223 to provide similar protection. The House language was included in 2018 year‐end legislation (H.R. 7217) which passed in the House 400 to 11. Unfortunately, the Senate did not take up that legislation before adjourning for the year. The Senate bill finished last year with
solid bipartisan support from 25 cosponsors. The issue relating to CRT “power” wheelchair accessories was addressed with a CMS policy correction back in 2017, but the “manual” wheelchair accessories problem is a lingering issue that has not yet been resolved. Passage of this legislation is needed to fix the disparity for people with disabilities who use a CRT manual wheelchair as they currently do not have the same access to accessories (critical components) as those using a CRT power wheelchair.

PRIORITY 2: Cosponsor and Pass H.R. 2408 to Establish a Separate Benefit Category for Complex

Rehab Technology and Provide Needed Comprehensive Improvements.
The “Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act” (H.R. 2408) has been reintroduced by Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner (R‐WI) and Brian Higgins (D‐NY). Legislation last session had broad bipartisan support from 116 cosponsors. Problems continue to grow because these specialized CRT items are grouped within Medicare’s “standard” Durable Medical equipment (DME) category. The bill will create a separate category for CRT within the Medicare benefit just like the one that exists for Orthotics and Prosthetics (custom
braces and artificial limbs). It will also provide needed coverage, coding, and safeguard improvements focused on the needs of people with disabilities. Over 50 national patient, consumer, and medical professional organizations have formally communicated their written support to Congress.

I am scheduled tomorrow, to meet with the Representative offices of; Lois Frankel, Alcee Hastings, Ted Deutch; and Senate offices of Rick Scott and Marco Rubio.

Any questions can be directed to Carey Britton at

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