Let your Voice be Heard

I am headed to Washington DC this week along with NRRTS, NCART and other industry leaders to make my VOICE heard.  As a leader in the seating and mobility community here in South Florida, I am passionate and committed to ensure access to proper equipment and service. 

It is critical that Equipment Users, their caregivers and their medical professionals know the pressures from CMS/Medicare.   Medicare, being federal, makes rules in which Medicare and all other insurance companies follow; therefore what is decided at Medicare affects us all.

The conference is being held at the Renaissance Arlington, and where on Wednesday there will be a full day of seminars on the importance of and how to lobby congress.  Thursday, appointments for both the House and Senate are made so we can meet with our local representatives and bring the voice of our community to them.

We will be discussing;

Legislation for CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories-

Provides a permanent exemption from the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program for CRT manual wheelchair bases (just like CRT power wheelchairs).

Provides an 18-month “suspension” in Medicare’s inappropriate application of Competitive Bidding Program payment rates to CRT manual wheelchair accessories. These accessories will go back to being paid at the traditional Medicare rates (just like CRT power wheelchair accessories). The 18-month suspension goes from 1/1/19 to 6/30/20 and will allow time for the needed discussion to make a permanent policy change.

A Separate Benefit Category

In light of all the changes that the Complex Rehab Technology industry has faced in recent years, legislation is being drafted in the House of Representatives to provide permanent, appropriate recognition and coverage of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). The legislation will create a Separate Category within the existing Medicare program to allow CRT to be distinguished from standard DME items such as basic wheelchairs and hospital beds.

What can you do?- you can go to NCART’s website and do 2 very important things;

  1. Sign up for Updates to follow the progress
  2. Find your Congressman- there is a link on the site that allows you to enter your name, click the items that are important to you and then send a message to your congressman supporting the efforts to protect access to CRT.

This article was written by Carey J. Britton, ATP/SMS, CRTS, you can contact him at wheelchairguys@gmail.com, or at 954-821-7322.

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